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Viewsonic LX700-4K Laser Home Theatre Projector

viewsonic lx700-4k

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3 year warranty
australian stock
4K resolution


  • UHD 3840 x 2160 16:9
  • 3500 ANSI Lumens
  • 3,000,000:1 Contrast
  • 3.3kg Weight
  • 31 / 26db(eco) Fan Noise
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years/10,000hrs Laser Warranty
  • Est. Laser Life up to 30,000hrs

Key Features

  • 2x HDMI Connections
  • 1.36x Zoom
  • 15% Vertical Lens Shift
  • 4 Corner Correction
  • Horizontal & Vertical Keystone
  • Powerful 15W Speaker
  • HDMI Audio Return (eARC)
  • 12 Volt Trigger Port
  • Fast Gaming Modes
  • IP5X Dust Resistant Optical Engine

Viewsonic LX700-4K Throw Distance Chart

Throw Ratio: 1.06-1.45:1
Examples of installation distance for some popular screen sizes.
Image Size Installation Distance
92" (16:9) 2030x1140mm From 2.2m to 2.9m
100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm From 2.4m to 3.2m
110" (16:9) 2435x1370mm From 2.6m to 3.5m
120" (16:9) 2657x1494mm From 2.8m to 3.8m
135" (16:9) 2990x1681mm From 3.2m to 4.3m
150" (16:9) 3320x1867mm From 3.6m to 4.8m

Viewsonic LX700-4K Laser UHD Home Cinema Projector

The LX700-4K from Viewsonic features the new 3rd generation laser light source for incredible dependability and life span. With a life of up to 30,000 hours the LX700-4K offers years of use even if you are pumping a high number of hours into it. Saving you worrying about replacement lamps technicians or down time. With a crystal clear 4K UHD resolution it is also well suited for home theatre and gaming use and with a 3500 ANSI lumen brightness can operate in a room with light coming in. Fast gaming modes, high contrast, and quiet operation round the LX700-4K off as an amazing home theatre projector.

  • 3rd generation laser phosphor technology with up to a 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Designed for Xbox with 1440p @ 120Hz for an unrivaled gaming experience
  • True 4K HDR immersive visual experience with up to a 300" screen
  • 3,500 ANSI Lumens offering bright images in any environment
  • High native contrast ratio through 0.65" DMD chip
  • Installation flexibility: V lens shift, 1.36x optical zoom, H/V keystone


Transform any home into a cinematic experience with the LX700-4K laser home projector. Adopting the 3rd generation laser phosphor technology with 3,500 ANSI Lumens and up to 30,000 hours lifespan, it delivers vibrant and bright visuals without the need for lamp replacement. This projector is designed for Xbox, supporting Xbox-exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations for a seamless gaming experience. With the support of 1440p at a 120Hz refresh rate, it strikes a perfect balance of visual quality and fluidity that gamers love. Experience enhanced visual depth on a screen size of up to 300'' with a high native contrast ratio through 0.65" DMD chip. The LX700-4K features V lens shift, 1.36x optical zoom, H/V keystone, and 4 corner adjustment, allowing you to easily set up a big screen tailored to your preferences.

Reliable Performance for Endless Fun

The LX700-4K adopts the 3rd generation laser phosphor technology with instant power on/off capability. This lamp-free projector has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours without any lamp replacement needed, saving maintenance costs and effort.

Up-to-30,000-hour Lifespan, Instant On/Off

LX700-4K Laser

Bright Images Anytime

Indulge in home entertainment anytime, day or night. The LX700-4K boasts 3,500 ANSI Lumens brightness, bringing clear and vibrant visuals even when there's ambient lighting around.

3,500 ANSI Lumens

LX700-4K Brightness

Ultimate Viewing Experience with 4K HDR

Experience a true 4K UHD crystal-clear details and dynamic visuals powered by HDR/HLG and 3D support. The LX700-4K features dual HDMI 2.0b/HDCP 2.2 ports for original 4K quality content, bringing your favorite games, sports, movies, and streaming to life.

LX700-4K HDR

"Designed for Xbox" for Unrivaled Gaming

The LX700-4K supports Xbox-exclusive resolution and refresh rate combination, offering an immersive gameplay adventure.

LX700-4K Designed for Xbox

1440p @ 120Hz for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Game like never before. The combination of QHD 1440p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate strikes a perfect balance for a high-quality and smooth gaming experience. The LX700-4K projects vivid imagery with amazing detail and clarity, even during fast-moving scenes.

LX700-4K 1440P

Ultrasmooth Gaming Experience with Ultra-Fast Input

Boasting 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input*, a hyper-responsive 240Hz refresh rate, and a microsecond-level response time**, the projector delivers seamless viewing in high-intensity scenes.

* The general refresh rate is 60Hz. To enable 4.2ms ultra-fast input, please activate it on the Advanced Settings and ensure that the input content is configured for a 240Hz refresh rate. When enabled, the highest resolution supported is 1080p.
**The response time stated refers to the reaction time of the DMD chip.

4.2ms & 240Hz

LX700-4K 240hz

Unveil Hidden Details

Immerse in a new realm of visual depth and vibrancy with the high native contrast ratio delivered by the Texas Instrument 0.65" DMD chip. Every dark and brightly colored scene is displayed with unparalleled clarity, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

High Native Contrast Ratio

LX700-4K Contrast

Boundless Enjoyment at Home

Enjoy immersive entertainment on a large screen of up to 300” in the comfort of your home. Whether you're watching your favorite movies, enjoying concerts, or playing video games, gather your family and friends around the big screen for fun times together.

Up to 300” Screen Size

LX700-4K Screen Size

Flexible Installation with V Lens Shift

Seamlessly install the projector without changing your interior design. The LX700-4K offers the flexibility to vertically adjust the location of the projected image without moving the projector.

LX700-4K Lens Shift

Adaptable to Any Environment with Optical Zoom

Equipped with a 1.36x optical zoom lens, users can choose the most ideal set-up location with in a wider throw distance range, without affecting your interior design, while still getting desired image size.

LX700-4K Zoom

Perfect Image Projection from All Angles

Central positioning is no longer necessary with comprehensive H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment capabilities, making setup a breeze. Get a perfectly aligned image from any projection angles-overhead, below, or side.

H/V Keystone Correction, 4 Corner Adjustment

LX700-4K 4 Corner Correction

Ideal Companion for Your Favorite Streaming Devices

Indulge yourself in endless streaming pleasure on the big screen with your favorite streaming device.The LX700-4K is compatible with popular streaming devices, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, ensuring a seamless streaming experience with the device you are already familiar with. Moreover, the built-in USB-A port serves as a convenient charging hub for your streaming device without the need for separate power adapters.

*The streaming devices of brands stated herein are for demo purposes only and are not preinstalled and not included in the Product. The aforesaid devices are the properties of their respective owners, unaffiliated with ViewSonic, and are neither sponsors nor endorsers of the Product.
**The Product's aforesaid compatibility with streaming devices of brands not stated herein mayvary based on specifications. Please verify before purchasing the Product.
***The ability to power external devices via USB-A depends on the specific power requirements of the connected device.

LX700-4K Dongle Power

Jazz it Up with Dynamic Colors

ViewSonic’s SuperColor™ Technology offers a wide color gamut for a dynamic, true-to-life color performance without sacrificing image quality.

LX700-4K Super Colour

Easy Audio Integration

With HDMI eARC, the LX700-4K can transmit video and audio signals from the projector to external audio system over a single cable, reducing the number of cables used and making cable management easy.

LX700-4K eARC

Set Up Home Cinema with Ease

With 12V trigger output function, automatically close your curtain and lower the projector screen on command as soon as you turn on the projector. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your home cinema.

12V Trigger

LX700-4K 12 Volt Trigger

Projection System: 0.65" 4K-UHD
Native Resolution: 3840x2160
Brightness: 3500 (ANSI Lumens)
Contrast Ratio: 3,000,000:1
Display Color: 1.07 Billion Colors
Light Source Type: Laser Phosphor
Light Source Life (hours) with Normal Mode: 20000
Light Source Life (hours) with SuperEco Mode: 30000 (Eco)
Lens: F=2.51-2.93, f=15.985-21.423mm
Projection Offset: 137%+/-10%
Throw Ratio: 1.06-1.45
Optical Zoom: 1.36x
Digital Zoom: 0.8x-2.0x
Image Size: 30"-300"
Throw Distance: 1-7m (100"@2.35m)
Keystone: H:+/-30° , V:+/-30°
Lens Shift V. Range: +15%, -0%
Audible Noise (Normal): 31dB
Audible Noise (Eco): 26dB
Input Lag: 4.2ms
Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to 4K(3840 x 2160)
HDTV Compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p
Horizontal Frequency: 15K-135KHz
Vertical Scan Rate: 23-240Hz
(HDMI 2.0/ HDCP 2.2)
Audio-out (3.5mm): 1
Audio-out (HDMI ARC): 1 (eARC) (Share with HDMI Input)
Speaker: 15W
USB Type A (Power): 1 (5V/1.5A)
12V Trigger (3.5mm): 1
RS232 (DB 9-pin male): 1
USB Type A (Services): 1 (share with USB A Output)
Power Supply Voltage: Power adaptor: Input: 100~240V Output: 19.5VDC / 9.23A
Power Consumption: Normal: 180W
Standby: 0.5W
Operating Temperature: 0~40℃
Carton: Brown
Net Weight: 3.30kg
Gross Weight: 4.70kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) with Adjustment Foot: 286x216x129mm
Packing Dimensions: 400x280x155mm
OSD Language: English, French, Spanish, Thai, Korean, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, T-Chinese, S-Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Finnish, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Greek, Norsk. Total 23 languages
User Guide Language: English, S-Chinese, T-Chinese, Indonesian, Finish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Czech, Thai, Vietnamese, total 20 languages
Standard Accessory
Power Cord: 1
Remote Control: 1 (BT w/ backlit)
QSG: Yes
Warranty Card: Yes (CN Only)

What's in the Box
remote control
Remote Control
power adapter
Power Adapter

Rear Panel

lx700-4k rear panel

Optional Accessories

hdmi cable
Premium HDMI Cable
From $19.95

SeeMax S1A-W
SeeMax S1A-W White Projector Ceiling Mount

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