GM Warranties

GM Multimedia Extended Warranty Program

GM Multimedia offer an extensive program of warranty upgrades. Giving you years of extra coverage and peace of mind.
What are the key benefits of a GM Multimedia extended warranty?
  • Hassle Free: Deal directly with projector experts, no need to call international call centres or do the run around.
  • Peace of Mind: Years of stress free operation without surprise repair bills.
  • Australia wide coverage: Your warranty is valid anywhere within the country. Just send your faulty unit to GM Multimedia and they take care of the rest.
  • No expensive repair costs: All repair costs are covered!
  • No Lemon Guarantee: Your product will be replaced with a similar product if it fails over and over again*.
  • Repair or Replace: Sometimes it is uneconomical to repair a product, in this case your product will be replaced with a similar product*.
*Terms and Conditions apply
peace of mind

What do I do when I need to make a claim?

Please ensure you have your Tax Invoice handy.

If your product is still within the original warranty period, please contact the vendor/brand directly to have your product repaired or replaced as per the vendor/brands original warranty policy. If you do not know how to contact the brand please contact GM Multimedia on 1300 739 131 for contact information.

If your product has failed after the original warranty period but during the GM Warranties extended warranty period please contact GM Multimedia directly either by phone 1300 739 131 or email –

For Terms, Conditions, and More Information, click here


Warranty upgrades can be purchased to increase your warranty length up to 4 years total coverage. For example, if your projector comes with a 2 year warranty you can add on up to 2 years more. If your projector comes with a 3 year warranty, you can add 1 year more. If your projector already comes with a 4 or 5 year warranty no upgrade is available.
1 year 2 year 3 year
Up to $500 $55 $70 $89
$501 to $750 $65 $95 $135
$751 to $1000 $85 $115 $145
$1001 to $1250 $100 $125 $159
$1251 to $1500 $119 $139 $179
$1501 to $1750 $125 $160 $199
$1751 to $2000 $129 $179 $219
$2001 to $3000 $135 $195 $255
$3001 to $4000 $139 $215 $289
$4001 to $5000 $159 $245 $309
$5001 to $7500 $275 $325 $395
$7501 to $10000 $339 $425 $475
To add on a warranty upgrade to your Just Projectors order please contact our staff on 1300 739 131.