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Epson EH-TW6250 LCD 4Ke UHD Home Cinema Projector

Epson EH-TW6250

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4K Pro UHD


  • 4Ke 1920x1080x2 16:9
  • 2800 ANSI Lumens
  • 35,000:1 Contrast
  • 4.1kg Weight
  • 28db Fan Noise (eco)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 1 Year/750Hr lamp Warranty
  • Est. Lamp Life up to 10,000hrs

Key Features

  • Chromecast Inbuilt
  • Android TV Streaming
  • 4K Enhancement
  • HDR10/HLG Compatible
  • Vertical Lens Shift (+/-60%)
  • Horizontal & Vertical Keystone
  • Frame Interpolation
  • HDMI Audio Return (ARC)
  • 10W Speaker Inbuilt
  • Bluetooth Audio (in app only)

Epson EH-TW6250 Throw Distance Chart

Throw Ratio: 1.32-2.15:1
Examples of installation distance for some popular screen sizes.
Image Size Installation Distance
92" (16:9) 2030x1140mm From 2.7m to 4.3m
100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm From 3.0m to 4.7m
110" (16:9) 2435x1370mm From 3.3m to 5.2m
120" (16:9) 2657x1494mm From 3.5m to 5.7m
135" (16:9) 2990x1681mm From 4.0m to 6.4m
150" (16:9) 3320x1867mm From 4.5m to 7.1m

Epson EH-TW6250 4K Enhanced Home Theatre Projector

The New EH-TW6250 from Epson produces an incredibly detailed 4K enhanced picture with a bright vibrant image, perfect for living rooms where it is hard to eliminate light sneaking in. It is equipped with the new Android TV system which allows you to easily stream content from the internet. The TW6250 also has a wide zoom lens perfect for replacing older projectors and keeping it in the same installation point. The TW6250 offers an extremely long lamp life of up to 10,000 hours, plus one of the cheapest replacement lamps in its category.

Epson EH-TW6250 Projector Reviews:

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Ease of Use
Projector Central Comments

The Epson TW6250 is interesting due to its price point and features. It provides the ability to play UHD signals up to 4K/60Hz (though with some limitations), built in streaming options with its Android TV dongle using authorized apps from the Google Play store, high lumen output, a high speed iris, a built-in speaker, vertical lens shift, HDR support, and a fairly compact size. Price-to-performance, it's a very strong offering. It's capable of providing a pleasing viewing experience while bringing the user the ability to enjoy 4K without too large a financial commitment.

Overall, though, the Epson HC2350 provides a nice well-rounded set of features and a great entry into 4K projection. There's some room for improvement in a few areas, but it's sure to please a good majority of buyers seeking the big screen experience. It's suitable for viewing in a lit room with its high lumen output, offers flexible installation options, and performs better than many projectors found at this price point.

EH-TW6250 4K

Key Features

  • 4K PRO-UHD1 – a new type of 4K home theatre projection technology only from Epson
  • Advanced 3LCD projector design – a true 3-chip design, 3LCD technology
  • Amazing colour brightness2 – 2,800 lumens colour brightness and 2,800 lumens white brightness
  • Large image size – project up to 500" on virtually any wall or screen and be fully immersed in your entertainment
  • Dedicated 4K pixel-shift processor1 – Epson's advanced pixel-shifting resolution-enhancement technology results in an exceptional 4K visual experience
  • Dedicated HDR processor – full 10-bit HDR colour processing uses 100% of the HDR source information
  • Lens shift – lens shift enables installation flexibility with a range of up to ±60% on the vertical axis
  • Low input lag – heighten your gaming experience with an input lag of under 20ms3
  • Smart capabilities – a smart media player (SMP) is included so you can watch your favourite content from a wide choice of apps
  • High contrast – contrast ratio up to 35,000:1 delivers a high range of colour and detail in both bright and dark scenes
  • Detail enhancement – enhance standard definition content to make your entertainment come alive
  • Frame interpolation – for smoother, sharper, and more realistic action scenes
  • Captivating sound – a built-in 10W stereo speaker for lifelike sound
  • 2 Year Projector Warranty – enjoy peace of mind

1 4K Enhancement technology (4Ke) shifts each pixel diagonally to double the native panel full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

2 Colour brightness (colour light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors versus top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on NPD sales data for October 2019 through September 2020.

3 There is no official standard for input lag measurement and this measurement is made based on the method set by Epson. Please note, each manufacturer measures input lag independently according to their own methods and therefore it is recommended to use as reference. Projector input lag varies in consequence of a difference of input signal, setting conditions and so on.


Experience a new type of 4K home theatre projection technology from Epson with proprietary dedicated processors for resolution enhancement1, HDR, and image processing. 4K PRO-UHD home theatre projectors faithfully display all your favourite content from the classics to the latest blockbusters. This isn't just a new way to watch movies — it's the best way.

1 4K Enhancement Technology (4Ke) shifts each pixel diagonally to double Full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

Brighter, vivid images

Brilliant image quality requires high colour brightness (colour light output). The EH-TW6250, powered by 3LCD technology, can produce white light and colour light output of 2,800 lumens in 4K enhancement resolution, delivering amazing colour brightness for every environment, even in rooms with ambient light.

EH-TW6250 Brightness

Dedicated HDR processor

High Dynamic Range expands the range of colour and contrast that can be reached, resulting in a more realistic and natural image. Epson's full 10-bit HDR colour processing accepts 100% of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an exceptional visual performance.


Big screen entertainment

While conventional TVs are limited to a pre-determined height and width, projectors have no such constraints. The EH-TW6250 gives you the flexibility to move from large rooms to small spaces with the projector image size ranging from 40" to 500".

Forget having to purchase multiple displays for different rooms, with the EH-TW6250 you can accommodate for multiple audiences and occasions in any room of the house; from everyday individual use to filling up the entire wall for a movie night.

EH-TW6250 Big Screen Entertainment

An immersive gaming experience

With input lag times below 20ms3, gamers can take full advantage of the latest generation of gaming consoles and higher-end gaming PCs. Heighten your gaming experience on an image size up to 500" and enjoy a fully immersive gaming environment.

Projector needs to be changed to FAST mode for this function.

3 There is no official standard for input lag measurement and this measurement is made based on the method set by Epson. Please note, each manufacturer measures Input Lag independently according to their own methods and therefore it is recommended to use as reference. Projector input lag varies in consequence of a difference of input signal, setting conditions and so on.

EH-TW6250 Immersive Gaming

Simple set-up

Lens shift allows you a wide range of placement possibilities, with a broad shift range of ±60% vertically. Horizontal Slide Keystone Correction also helps to horizontally position the projector quickly and easily. Combined with a 1.6x zoom lens, projector placement is a breeze.

EH-TW6250 Easy Setup

Detail enhancement

Fine tune high-definition images by turning on the detail enhancement feature which sharpens and refines images for lifelike clarity.

EH-TW6250 Detail Enhancement

Frame interpolation

Frame interpolation technology inserts multiple new frames between the original ones, so motion appears smoother, sharper, and more realistic.

EH-TW6250 Frame Interpolation

Scene Adaptive Gamma

Scene Adaptive Gamma allows the user to adjust the picture quality based upon the scene information itself. This provides a simple way to get impressive colour and contrast, regardless of the content being displayed and provides a balanced and dynamic image with improved detail, especially in dark scenes.

EH-TW6250 Adaptive Gamma

Smart media player included for heightened entertainment

With a smart media player embedded in the projector, you now have the option to select from over 4,000 content apps, making it easier than ever to stream your favourite series, live sporting events, or simply watch the latest blockbuster movie with the EH-TW6250.

EH-TW6250 Detail Enhancement

Voice control

Access your favourite shows or content on the EH-TW6250, operating with a remote that includes voice control.

EH-TW6250 Voice Control

Chromecast built-in

Cast your favourite entertainment apps – movies, TV shows, music, games, sports and more – from your Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows computer for flexible viewing with simple set-up.

EH-TW6250 Chromecast Inbuilt

Captivating sound

Setting up the EH-TW6250 is even easier with a 10W speaker already built-in to the projector to provide life-like sound. Choose between Standard, Vocal, Music and Movie mode, so you can get the best sound quality to suit your content. Thanks to ARC, audio can also be carried to an external speaker using an HDMI cable.

EH-TW6250 Captivating Sound
  Projector, 3m power cable, remote control + batteries, user guide, SMP remote control + batteries, warranty sheet
Projection System 3LCD
LCD Panel 0.61-inch
Zoom 1 - 1.6 (Optical)
Screen Size 40" to 500"
Projection Distance 80" screen 2.34 m - 3.81 m
Throw Ratio 1.32 (Zoom: Wide) 2.15 (Zoom: Tele)
Projection Lens F Number 1.49 - 1.77
Projection Lens Focal Length 18.2 mm - 29.2 mm
Focus Method Manual
Light Source Lamp
Resolution 4K Enhancement* (1920 x 1080 x 2)
Colour Light Output 2,800 lm
White Light Output 2,800 lm
Native Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 35,000:1
Lamp Type 200W UHE
Keystone Correction (Standard Lens) Vertical: ±30°
Horizontal: ±30°
Lens Shift (Standard Lens) Vertical: ±60%
Colour Processing 10-bit
Input: Digital 1 x HDMI (HDCP 2.3) (HDMI supports ARC)
USB: I/O 1 x USB B mini (service)
Wireless Connectivity Included (via SMP)
Output: Audio 1 x Stereo mini
Built-in Speaker 10W
High Dynamic Range - HDR10 Yes
Hybrid Log Gamma - HLG Yes
4K Enhancement Yes
Detail Enhancement Yes
Frame Interpolation Yes
Scene Adaptive Gamma Yes
Smart Media Player Embedded Yes
Direct Power On Yes
Colour Modes Dynamic, Vivid, Natural, Cinema
Dimensions D x W x H (including feet) 275 x 333 x 131 mm
Weight 4.1 kg
Projector Warranty 2 Years
Lamp Life (Normal/Eco) 4,500 h / 7,500 h
Power Consumption: Light Source On 301W
Power Consumption: Energy Saving 0.3W
Noise Level (Normal/Eco) 36 / 28 dB

What's in the Box
EH-TW6250 remote control
Remote Control
power cord
Power Cord

Rear Panel

EH-TW6250 rear panel

Optional Accessories

+1 year warranty
Warranty Upgrade +1 Year

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+2 year warranty
Warranty Upgrade +2 Year

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