Grandview GRIPRC94C In-Ceiling Recessed Motorised Electric Projector Screen

Grandview recessed screen
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  • Multi-Layered 1.0 Gain Material
  • Recessed In-Ceiling Casing
  • Paintable Trim
  • IR Remote Control Included
  • Case only 120mm high
  • Black Bordered
  • Works with short & long throw projectors
  • Not compatible with Ultra Short Throw
3 year warranty
australian stock
insured delivery

Grandview GRIPRC94C Screens Recessed Motorised Smart Screen

The GRIPRC94C Grandview Recessed Motorised Screen is designed to be beautifully unobtrusive. Featuring an aluminium decoration board it suits a sleek environment where keeping the screen hidden and tidy is of the utmost importance.

There are many options for controlling the screen - you can choose between the included remote control, a 12V trigger from your projector, or integrate with a control system using RS232 commands or IP LAN Control.

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3 Years
grandview recessed boardroom

grandview recessed decoration board

Casing Separation Technology

To reduce the vibration and noise, we provide a revolutionary solution by separating the casing and re-connect it through rubber link, the operation noise is less than 45dB.

Grandiew recessed casing

Simplified Structure

With more simplified design targeting projection screens with size smaller than 120”(16:9), the Ultimate Recessed screen has a decoration ceiling panel that is just 135mm wide, which is 20% than competing Recessed models. The minimum installation height is just 120mm which is 52% less than other models.

Grandiew recessed structure

Light Weight Design

Using the enhanced casing and roller made of aluminum alloy, the screen is durable and much lighter, take 120”(16:9) for example, the net weight is just 19.2Kg which is 39% less than competing models.

Grandiew recessed close up

Weaved Fiberglass of the matte white fabric

The weaved Fiberglass layer of the fabric is used as a backing or backbone of the entire screen structure. With this layer Grandview screens have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life span than ordinary meterials. The fiberglass backing prevents wringling or waves due to changes in temperature, humidity or drag foces.

Grandiew motorised screen material layers

Fabric Features

  • Last-long Flatness
    With a four layer structure, including Fiberglass, stretch is less than 1% for long-lasting flatness
  • Sophisticated Images
    The screen material is engraved with optical microgrooves on the surface, with a resolution of more than 125 line pairs per mm. This ensures the sharpness of the projected images.
  • Colour Accuracy
    The reflected light is evenly distributed with less than 60K colour temperature difference between projection angle and reflection angle for accurate colour at any viewing angle.
  • Wide Colour Range
    The Grandview motorised range provides more vivid images with higher contrast whilst maintaining colour accuracy exactly as the film maker intended.
Grandview motorised screen material layers

What we say

The Grandview motorised screens are perfect for home movies where you would like the screen out of the way or just want something a little different than the basic fixed frame screen. The screen comes down at the press of a button on your included IR remote control. In comparison to many cheaper screen brands the Grandview's use a higher quality material to minimise stretch overtime and a quieter motor. The all in one recessed option is a simple in ceiling solution, saving you having to purchase a screen and then a separate in-ceiling box. The make the installation look even neater the provided ceiling trim can be painted the same colour as your ceiling! Just make sure you check your ceiling cavity prior to purchase to ensure you have the required space available.

Grandview colours

Screen Specifications

+ or - 1%
Grandview recessed  specifications

Model Aspect Diagonal Size (Inch) Viewing Area WxH (mm) L (mm) A (mm) Lz (mm) Ld2 (mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) B3(mm)
GRIPRC85H 16:9 85" 1882x1058 2025 1742 1925 1859 50 30 600
GRIPRC92H 16:9 92" 2032x1146 2352 1929 2252 2186 50 30 600
GRIPRC102H 16:9 102" 2258x1270 2578 2053 2478 2412 50 30 600
GRIPRC112H 16:9 112" 2479x1395 2799 2178 2699 2633 50 30 600
GRIPRC120H 16:9 120" 2656x1494 2976 2277 2876 2810 50 30 600
GRIPRC130H 16:9 130" 2878x1619 3188 2402 3088 3022 50 30 600

GRIPRC94C 16:10 94" 2025x1265 2345 2048 2245 2179 50 30 600
GRIPRC103C 16:10 103" 2219x1387 2539 2170 2439 2373 50 30 600
GRIPRC110C 16:10 110" 2369x1481 2689 2264 2589 2523 50 30 600
GRIPRC120C 16:10 120" 2585x1615 2905 2398 2805 2739 50 30 600
GRIPRC130C 16:10 130" 2800x1750 3110 2533 3010 2944 50 30 600

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