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Viewsonic PJ-WMK-304 Universal Projector Wall Mount

viewsonic pj-wmk-304
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Viewsonic PJ-WMK-304 Projector Wall Mount

A flexible wall mount with adjustable arms to suit most projectors with 3 or 4 screw holes. Can be used with short throw and Ultra Short Throw projectors. This customisable wall mount features quick installation and flexible adjustment featuring a 3-axis alignment system, allowing users to easily mount the projector in most rooms. This mount is unviersal so works with most projector brands (not just Viewsonic models).

  • Multi-fit bracket system to suit most projectors.
  • Extendable Length 365-635mm
  • Maximum projector weight capacity of 25kg
  • Mount weight 4.5kg
  • Vertical tilt, Horizontal roll, Horizontal rotation ±5°
  • Durable white finish.
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Comes standard with 4 x mounting arms.
  • Wall cover dimensions 440mm x 83mm
pj wmk 304 wall mount side
pj wmk 304 wall mount front
pj wmk 304 wall mount close up
pj wmk 304 wall mount vertical
pj wmk 304 wall mount zoom
pj wmk 304 wall mount on wall

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