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Optoma D2 DLP 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

optoma D2 projector


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3yr warranty
australian stock
4k resolution


  • UHD 3840 x 2160 16:9
  • 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • 1,800,000:1 Contrast
  • 8.4kg Weight
  • 26db (eco) Fan Noise
  • 3 Year/ 20,000hr Warranty
  • 3 Year/ 20,000hr Laser Warranty
  • Est. Laser Life up to 30,000hrs

Key Features

  • Long Life Laser Lightsource
  • Rec. 709 Colour
  • HDR10 Compatible
  • 3x HDMI 2.0 Connection
  • HDMI Audio Return (eARC)
  • 3D Capable(3D glasses required)
  • 2x 10W Powerful Speaker
  • Fast Gaming Modes
  • Smart Streaming With FireStick

Optoma D2 Throw Distance Chart

Throw Ratio: 0.25:1
Examples of installation distance for some popular screen sizes.
Image Size Installation Distance
(from screen to projector chassis)
92" (16:9) 2030x1140mm Approx. 18cm
100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm Approx. 22cm
110" (16:9) 2435x1370mm Approx. 29cm
120" (16:9) 2657x1494mm Approx. 34cm

Optoma Cinemax D2 4k UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

The Optoma D2 Laser projector is the perfect replacement for a TV to get maximum image size with little to no installation required. The Optoma CinemaX D2 can literally go on a TV unit and shoot onto a wall just 50cm away for a huge 2-metre-wide picture. You can further enhance the picture with a fixed frame screen or for bright rooms it can us an ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen to block the room lighting for a stronger more intense image. The Optoma D2 reproduces 120% of the REC.709 colour gamut for accurate vibrant colour for a faithful reproduction of your favourite Hollywood flick. The Optoma D2 is powered by a long life laser that can operate 24/7, last up to 30,000 hours and is encased within a IP5X sealed optical block for long life dust resistance.

Optoma D2 Projector Reviews:

Optoma D2 review
ProjectorReviews Review

Optoma sells more DLP projectors than any other brand, and they do this because they make solid projectors.

Out-of-the-box, this projector looks good and offers a competitive list of features. Most of these features carry over from previous models, but customers get them all at a much lower price than previous models in the series.

The CinemaX D2 is rated to produce 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. Based on my measurements, the D2 exceeded the manufacturer's rating by almost 200 lumens coming in at a measured 3,180 lumens of brightness. The extra brightness makes this projector an appealing option to use in a room with sources of uncontrolled ambient light, like a living room. The D2's brightness helps the projector maintain an excellent image in challenging environments, like when users want to have lights on viewing.

  • Laser Light Source with life span up to 30,000 hours (ECO Mode)
  • Bright 3,000 lumens and stable output, achieves 1,800,000 : 1 Contrast.
  • Amazing Color for spectacular and accurate colors.
  • Full 4K, 8 million pixel display, perfect pixel alignment and great contrast.
  • Stunning HDR 10 performance. Brightest Whites, Deepest Darks, and Lifelike Color.
  • Superb gaming experience with extremely low 4ms Input Lag for 240Hz at 1080P, 16.9ms for 60Hz at 4K UHD
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) for higher-quality audio experience
  • Ultra short throw feature, 120″ big screen in inches away.

  • CinemaX D2 features 4K UHD resolution and supports eARC audio, offering the ultimate cinematic experience like no other. The ultra short throw technology allows you to enjoy up to 120″ screen in just inches away. With Amazing Color and 120% of Rec.709 gamut coverage, D2 can deliver richer color performance and makes pictures even more realistic.

    CinemaX D2 brings the ultimate home entertainment experience, with Enhanced Gaming mode which supports up to 240Hz refresh rate at 1080P and 60Hz at 4K UHD, and extremely low input lag down to 4ms. The ability to implement 4-corner adjustment, 2D keystone correction, digital zoom, and warping at 3*3 matrix, allows CinemaX D2 to be installed any way you want.


    Bundle in a Light Rejecting screen for brighter more vibrant picture

    Optoma D2 Plus 100" Elite Screens CLR3 Fixed Screen $4569
    Save an extra $199!

    (2215 x 1245mm Image Size)

    Optoma D2 Plus 120" Elite Screens CLR3 Fixed Screen $5199
    Save an extra $299!

    (2657 x 1494mm Image Size)

    gv ambient light rejecting screen

    optoma p2 laser TV
    optoma p2 features

    For a more immersive home cinema experience with long-lasting performance, D2 features Optoma’s 4K UHD Laser technology for sharp images, excellent color/contrast, low maintenance with instant on/off and up to 30,000 hours of lifespan and is completely free of mercury.

    optoma D2 more Features

    Laser light source

    Laser technology delivers up to 30,000 hours of light source life that maintains stunning image quality throughout its lifespan.

    optoma D2 laser

    What is True 4K UHD

    At least 8 million active pixels

    The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ® definition of 4K Ultra HD resolution states the display resolution must have at least 8 million active pixels.

    optoma D2 4K

    Optoma HDR

    HDR10 / HLG

    CinemaX D2 supports HDR10 and HLG. When a HDR / HLG signal is detected, the projector automatically switches to HDR / HLG display mode. Through Optoma’s HDR color mapping and tone mapping technology, it enables HDR / HLG movies or games to be presented at their best in terms of color accuracy and improved contrast ratio through dynamic contrast.

    optoma D2 HDR

    The smart and simple way to watch movies

    With the touch of a button, switch to “Cinema” display mode and watch as colors become true-to-life thanks to the enhanced color gamut and cinema-tailored gamma curve. Reds will be enhanced to provide more natural skin tones, better color saturation and an overall more enjoyable viewing experience.

    optoma D2 RGB

    [Cinema] vibrant & brilliant

    optoma D2 Colour

    eARC for higher-fidelity movie soundtracks and music

    • Supports up to 37 Mbps of high-speed audio transmission, increased from ~1Mbps of ARC bandwidth.
    • Supports pass through of uncompressed 5.1. No need for an AV receiver. Connect your source directly to projector
    • Allows you take advantage of next-gen sound formats without having to buy a new receiver if your existing soundbar supports eARC.

    • Note * eARC stands for Enhanced Audio Return Channel
    optoma D2 eARC

    Play big with family and friends.
    Drastically scale up your gaming experience.

    Optoma takes gaming to the next level. CinemaX D2 packs in everything a gamer could want: An immersive large screen image with a rich color gamut, extremely-low input lag, high refresh rates, good motion handling and excellent contrast—perfect for intense gaming as well as casual gaming.

    optoma D2 massive size

    optoma D2 Gaming Modes

    Upgrade your gaming display to match your next-gen console
    Immerse yourself in your game as you would in a movie

    optoma D2 60hz 4K Gaming

    Support 4K @ 60Hz gameplay

    Gamers, here is your next display upgrade to go with your new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Take full advantage of the higher resolutions and enhanced graphics next-gen consoles are capable of. CinemaX D2 can make full use of the high refresh rate capabilities of the latest next-gen consoles — 120Hz@1080P and 60Hz@4K UHD. Immerse yourself in the improved visuals brought about by technologies such as HDR and ray-tracing. CinemaX D2 takes gaming to the next level. Experience the full beauty of your games the way the developers intended.

    optoma D2 xBox 1X PS5

    Safe & comfortable with eye protection sensor

    Built-in PIR sensors can detect when children approach the laser light source, automatically reducing brightness to safeguard their eyes. Unlike the direct light source of traditional TVs, projector’s reflective light allows longer viewing without eyestrain.

    optoma D2 Eye Protection

    Flexible & hassle-free installation

    A more intense level of realism and immersion with CinemaX D2 curved-screen projection
    Excellent for gaming, exhibitions and training simulators eg. flight, driving and helicopter simulation.

    optoma D2 Keystone

    3x3 Distortion correction

    optoma D2 3X3 Warping

    Built-in or external speaker fantastic sound for 4K home entertainment

    optoma D2 Audio Output

    Long-lasting performance thanks to IP5X airtight optical engine

    The CinemaX D2 features Optoma’s airtight optical engine with IP5X certification. The airtight enclosure prevents dust particles from entering and ensures long-lasting and reliable performance of up to 30,000 hours.

    optoma D2 IP5X Dust resistance

    Display Technology

    DLP 4K UHD chip

    Native Resolution

    4K UHD (3840 × 2160)


    3,000 Lumens



    Light Source


    Light Source Life

    30,000 hours (Eco mode)

    Throw Ratio


    Zoom Type


    Keystone Correction

    ±10° Vertical, ±10° Horizontal

    I/O Connectors

    HDMI 2.0 x 3 (HDMI1 support eARC out, Lower latency), USB-A x1 (5V/1.5A Power, service), S/PDIFx1, RS232x1, Audio Out x1

    Speaker (Watts)

    10W x 2

    Weight (Kg)


    Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

    576 x 383 x 115 mm (w/o feet), 576 x 383 x 130 mm (w/ feet)

    Aspect Ratio


    Projection Screen Size

    85" – 120"

    Projection Lens

    F# 2.04; f 525mm



    Horizontal Scan Rate


    Vertical Scan Rate

    24~120 Hz

    Displayable Colors

    1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

    Noise Level

    26dB (Eco mode)

    Power Supply

    100V ~ 240V ± 10%, 50-60Hz

    Power Consumption

    Power Consumption (Min) @110V 144.5W, Power Consumption (Max) @110V 241.5W, Power Consumption (Min) @220V 140.25W, Power Consumption (Max) @220V 230W



    What's in the Box
    remote control
    Remote Control
    power cord
    Power Cord

    Rear Panel

    p2 rear panel

    Optional Accessories

    +1 year warranty
    Warranty Upgrade +1 Year

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