BENQ Genuine Original Lamp for the W700

Display Type: Projector
Quantity of lamps used in this projector: 1
Manufacturer Part Code/s : 5J.J5405.001
Quantity of lamps supplied : 1
Estimated lamp hours :
Wattage :
Bulb Type :
Cancelable* :

Your Price : $226

*Lamps marked with an X cannot be cancelled once the order has been confirmed.

We try to maintain stock of popular lamps for immediate dispatch however at times there may be a delay if we need to order a lamp in. If this is the case you will be notified for approval prior to processing.

REAL Genuine Branded Lamps

Straight from the actual projector brand!

  • Genuine lamps have a low risk of failure that could damage your projector
  • Genuine lamps offer the Longest Lifespan compared to generics
  • Genuine lamps are always recommended by the brand and will not void your projectors warranty
  • Genuine lamps offer 100% performance with the same brightness output.
  • Genuine lamps come with full Australian warranty (minimum 90 days).
genuine lamps

How can I spot a generic lamp?

The use of tricky marketing language can make it difficult to understand if a store is selling a generic or genuine branded lamp.
The below are common descriptions used that often mean the lamp is generic.

"Original Bulb Inside Projector Lamp Module with Housing"
"Original Lamp Inside"
"Bare lamp"
All lamps sold by Just Projectors come straight from the actual projector brand in a branded box
Panasonic Genuine lamp
Genuine Lamp
Epson Genuine lamp
Genuine Lamp
Panasonic Generic lamp
Generic Lamp
Generic lamp
Generic Lamp