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  • A new standard in projector installation.
  • High Quality Engineering
  • Multiple Control Options
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Recessed-Ceiling Motorized Projector Lift

Flawless Design Easy Operation

Aesthetically designed and engineered, the GRPL Recessed-Ceiling Motorised Projector Lift can integrate into any interior design perfectly. The Grandview Motorised Projector Lift range sets the new standard in Projector lifts. Boasting the connectivity and quality you have come to expect from Grandview products.

Expand Model Max Drop Price
Max Proj Size
180H 530W 470D mm
Lift Size:
704(A) 670(B) 600(C) mm
3 Years
Max Proj Size
200H 530W 570D mm
Lift Dimensions:
704(A) 770(B) 600(C) mm
3 Years
Max Proj Size
180H 530W 470D mm
Lift Dimensions:
704(A) 670(B) 685(C) mm
3 Years
Max Proj Size
200H 530W 570D mm
Lift Dimensions:
704(A) 770(B) 685(C) mm
3 Years
Max Proj Size
200H 630W 570D mm
Lift Dimensions:
800(A) 765(B) 800(C) mm
3 Years

  • Externally accessible limit adjustment
  • Automatic Balancing Mechanism
  • Brake Mechanism
  • High Strength Aluminium Linkage
  • Internal Mechanism Cover
  • Cable Management included
  • Control System Connectivity
  • 15 Kg Max weight capacity
  • RF Remote included

Double Positioning System

Double Positioning System provides safety and convenience to users. The safety positioning of motor is set by factory, and the height of stopping can be adjusted automatically by electric positioning.

double positioning
Automatic Balancing Mechanism

Automatic Balancing Mechanism ensures the dragline and suspending cage vertically when extending or retracting, avoid any digression or noise caused by the slant of the dragline.

automatic balancing
Brake Mechanism

The Brake Mechanism is designed when the dragline is broken, the motor brake is out of control or the steel cable loose accidentally, the safety device will operate automatically and prevent the falling of case and improve the security in high-ceiling condition.

bracke mechanism
High-Strength Aluminium Linkage

High-Strength Aluminum Linkage is die-casting and with excellent texture, high-strength and rustproof, very light and it can reduce the lift-weight and keep the balance.

Aluminium linkage
Completed Protection

Completed Protection prevents the projection equipment against the impact of external environment, and avoid the leakage of the cool air.

Ornament Baffle

Ornament Baffle matches perfectly with different types of ceiling, when extending the case, it may completely cover the hatch that occurs.

ornament baffle
Cable Management

Cable Management, which is allocated for the users to put power cord, VGA, RGB or HDMI cables inside, easily bend and stretch, customized sizes are available.

cable management
Multi-Control Systems

Multi-Control Systems are available (RF Remote Control, RS232/485, Wall-Switch).

multi control systems

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