How do I watch a 3D movie on my Projector?

Many home theatre grade projectors feature 3D compatibility allowing you to play 3D Bluray films at home. To play a 3D movie you will need:

  • A 3D compatible projector
  • A 3D Blu-ray player
  • A 3D Blu-ray film/disk
  • Compatible 3D glasses

3D Home theatre projectors use Active 3D technologies so require the use of powered Active Shutter 3D glasses (unfortunately those cheap ‘passive’ glasses from your local Cinema will not work). The most commonly used Active 3D Glasses are the DLP LINK type. DLP LINK glasses work with DLP style projectors including BenQ, Optoma, and ViewSonic brands. Brands such as Epson, use IR, RF, and Bluetooth connectivity so will require the use of different glasses. It is recommended to refer to your projectors manual or specifications sheet to determine what 3D glasses will be required for your projector.

No special projector screen is required to watch 3D using Active Shutter 3D glasses, any normal screen is perfectly fine.

3d home theatre

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