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Epson UST Projector Wall Mount ELPMB62 (V12HA06A06)

Epson ELPMB62
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Epson ELPMB62 Projector Wall Mount for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Designed for use with select BrightLink/PowerLite Ultra-short throw displays, this ultra-short throw wall mount offers an easy, affordable solution for wall mounted displays. The wide mounting plate and telescopic extension arm offer convenient and flexible installation from 65 – 120" (varies by model). It’s ultra-short throw design assures there is less shadow interference and glare, which ensures a more optimal presenting and viewing experience. It also features storage space inside the mount cover to allow for mounting of a mini-PC. See complete list of compatible displays below.

  • Easily adjustable — two-position mount arm for projecting 16:9 content, or 16:6 content(BrightLink 1485Fi)
  • Everything you need — includes all necessary tools and screws for assembly

elpmb62 No covers
elpmb62 with projector
elpmb62 wall mount


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