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Quite frequently we get asked for a projector with Bluetooth, Wifi, wireless, casting etc... features that some projectors do have however these terms are often misinterpreted. A projector that advertises 'Wifi', does not necessarily mean you will have access to the internet or streaming apps like Netflix. Wifi usually means the projector has some form of connection to a computer without a cable, this tends to be limited to static things like pictures. There are some exceptions though, a new range of 'Smart Projectors' has started to emerge that feature apps inbuilt using various operating systems such as Aptoide or AndroidTV. If you are after a projector that features the streaming apps inbuilt make sure you check the advertisement that the smart apps are included and it is not a simple Wifi feature designed for business purposes.

Most projectors do not have media players or smart features inbuilt so to display apps on these you would need to use an external media player or computer. Some new media/streaming players also feature audio connections to you can plug in a speaker, should you not wish to use the inbuilt speaker in the projector.

The Streaming Device

To stream the entertainment apps on your projector it is usually recommend to use a 3rd party media player or streaming device. Some of the most popular streaming players include Google Chromecast, GoogleTV, AppleTV, and Amazon FireTVStick. Some apps may not be on all players so if there is a particular app you wish to use it's always best to check the player features it before buying. For example the Kayo sports app is on GoogleTV and AppleTV but not featured on the Xbox or Playstation. Popular apps like Netflix are more common across most players.










Many projectors will not feature a audio out port so it can be handy to make sure the device that you are streaming from does have some form of audio output. The projectors that have audio outputs will often only output basic stereo or even mono audio as sound processing is not a key feature of projectors. We would recommend to find a device with an audio out to match your setup. Chromecast, for example, does not output audio so can make an installation trickier. We would recommend an Apple TV box or Amazon FireTVStick, which have Bluetooth Audio, Fetch TV or Xbox have Optical audio out so are also good options. If you are using a surround sound Receiver you can also connect your media player directly to the receiver for higher quality sound.





Which streaming device should I buy?

Steaming media players have become very common and most of them are actually quite similar. The AppleTV box is great for Apple users with inbuilt features such as Airplay to link to your iPhone. The AppleTV is one of the more expensive players on the market though. GoogleTV is another popular media player, and well priced! This has all the major apps and Chromecast inbuilt allowing you to cast compatible apps from most phones. Amazon has the FireTVStick. This is similar in price to the GoogleTV with a similar range of apps (although at time of writing the Kayo app is not included). The Chromecast stick is likely the cheapest way to stream apps, most of these are around $30. Chromecast lets you cast compatible apps straight from your phone. Chromecast requires you to use your phone to control the device, there is no separate remote control.
Modern Game consoles feature major apps like Netflix too so if you have a new Xbox or Playstation you can simply use your console to run your entertainment apps.

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