Projector Blog : How to clean my projector lens

How often do I need to clean my projector lens?
Most manufacturers design their projectors so the lens is behind a shutter or slightly recessed within the chassis, and therefore protected from any significant dust build up. Over time though you are bound to get some dust or potentially even a spider web or 2 appearing on the lens. Every 6 months or so we recommend inspecting your lens to ensure it is clean.
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How to clean a projector lens

Ensure the projector is off and cooled down. Lightly moisten a lens-cleaning wipe. These are the same lint free microfibre cloths you would use to clean eye-glasses. With your wipe/cloth gently wipe the lens clean of any visible dust or smudges. It is recommended to wipe in a circular fashion from the centre of the lens slowly going outwards. If a smudge will not move, try wetting the cloth a bit more. You can also moisten the cloth with a small amount of lens cleaner, do not spray this directly onto the lens, only onto the cloth. Once clean, if your projector has a shutter you may gently close it.

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Important Notes:

NEVER attempt to clean the lens whilst the projector is on or while the projector is still warm.

NEVER use glass cleaners, detergents, or any harsh materials to clean the lens.

DO NOT use canned air, gases have been known to leave a residue.

AVOID touching the lens with your bare hands, you will leave fingerprints.

When the projector is on you tend to notice dust on the lens a lot more. A small amount of dust on the lens is not going to negatively affect image quality and is considered perfectly normal. Cleaning is only recommended if a significant build up is present. It is possible to over-clean so best to clean only when required.

Permanent lens damage due to using a microfibre cloth while the lens was hot.

- only clean your lens when the projector is off and cooled down. Microfibre cloths melt!

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