Projector Blog : How do I connect an iPad to a projector?

How to connect your Apple iPad to a projector with a HDMI cable

The easiest way to connect your iPad to a projector is by a simple HDMI adapter. This doesn’t require any software or technical know-how. A simple HDMI adapter will allow you to send the audio and video to the projector. Many projectors have a 3.5mm audio output so will be able to plug into more powerful audio system for extra power.

iPad HDMI Adapter

How to connect your iPad to a projector with wireless Airplay

The other way to connect is using wireless which in the Apple ecosystem is called Airplay. Some, but very few projectors will have Airplay capability inbuilt but as an easy upgrade you can use an Apple TV Box to plug in on the projectors HDMI port. Then the iPad can airplay to the Apple TV for an easy wireless connection.

iPad Wireless Wifi Airplay
iPad Wireless Wifi Airplay apple tv