Projector Blog : Projector vs TV

The pro's and Con's of a projector vs a television

A common comparison of a large TV and a projector. Which should you choose? What are the major differences?

The advantages of a projector
  • The biggest difference between a TV and a projector is the size of image you can get. A projector will give you a massive 100"+ image. Many people have a 120” and even 150” screens in their home. The average home television is usually around 50"-65".
  • Projectors are far more portable. Large TV's can weigh 100kg or even more! Most projectors will weigh around 5kg, so you can easily take it with you to a mates place or take it to work for a presentation. Large TV's require specialty delivery and installation services.
  • Projectors are cheaper. You can get a 100" capable projector at a fraction of the price of a 100" TV.
  • Better for your eyes. When you view a projected image you are viewing reflected light. This is far easier on the eyes than direct light shining at your from a TV.
  • Better for the environment. Projectors are smaller and use far less materials to manufacture than a typical TV. New Laser type projectors also more energy efficient.
  • Safety. Large TV's can weigh over 80kg so should be secured to ensure they can't fall. There have been cases where children have accidentally knocked a TV and had it fall on them. Projectors can be secured to the ceiling out of reach. If using a large TV always make sure it is secured to the wall so it cannot fall.
  • Immersion. There is nothing like watching a big hollywood blockbuster on the big screen at home. Watching on a big projection screen simply doesn't compare with a TV.
image size

The advantages of a Televison
  • Brightness. In rooms that are bright all the time a TV can be a better option to ensure the image is bright enough to see clearly. Most modern projectors do not need a dark room however rooms with lots of daylight are best for a TV.
  • Features. Many modern TV's have additional smart features included, such as catch up apps and Netflix. There are some projectors starting to feature this but it is rare.
  • Sound. Whilst most projectors have a speaker inbult sound quality is usually a little better from a TV. In any case we would recommend to use separate speakers such as a soundbar as the inbuilt speakers in TV's and projectors are never overly powerful.
  • TV! Television feature tuners inbuilt so you can watch free to air TV. Projectors do not feature tuners so to watch TV on a projector you need to plug in a Set Top Box or streaming device such as GoogleTV.