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BenQ Heavy Duty Projector Ceiling Mount 5J.JAM10.001

BenQ Projector Mount
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BenQ Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

BenQ's very own universal mount suits most projectors, not just those made by BenQ. It can be used as a flush mount at 127mm, or you can use the included extension pole for a drop up to 558mm from the ceiling.

  • Swivel: 360°
  • Supports up to 25kgs.
  • Mounting hardware & Manual included.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Tilt adjustment +/- 25°
  • Length when setup as a flush mount 127mm
  • Adjustable length 403mm - 558mm
  • Available in Black-Silver only (as pictured)
  • Can be mounted as a flush ceiling mount 127.7mm from the ceiling

1. Adjustable Height: column connector extends 402.7mm - 557.7mm (increments of 25mm)
2. Fits projectors with a mounting holes less than 15” diameter.
5j.j4N10.001 mount
Angled Ceiling Adjustments:
1. Angled ceiling compensation adjustable by +/- 25 degrees.
2. Tighten nut to secure angle adjustments before aligning the hinge module.
5j.j4N10.001 tilt
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